That special place of yours…

We all have that special place that means everything to us.
We can be in love with too many places, but there is always one, that makes us feel happier, complete, full of joy.
It is different for anyone, maybe it reminds you of someone special, or something good that happened to you, it might give you that sensation of freedom or relaxation or you may not know why it is special, because it makes you feel something, even if you cannot explain it or understand it.
It is different for all of us, for me, no doubt is the beach. Since the first time I saw the ocean I recognized it was a miracle, the most wonderful thing I`ve ever seen. I can still breath that fresh and salty breeze.
Every time I go to the beach, I can only feel grateful, grateful for the great wonder in front of me, grateful for the sand between my toes and the breeze messing with y hair. Every time I open my eyes and see the colors and immensity of the ocean, I can`t talk, I feel so tiny and humble, I feel scared, empty, but at the same time I feel great, safe and full of joy.
Since that first time I saw the ocean I knew we would fall in love for a life time, because that is the place that completes me, that makes me happy, where I can be who I am, that place where I can think clear, without judgement.
It is just something I cannot put in words, something that goes above and beyond me, something miraculous.
What about you? Where is your special place?


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